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Agéev, Vladimir

Actor/director based in Quebec but born, raised, educated and trained in Russia.

From 1972-74 he studied dramatic art and puppetry at the School of Experimental Theatre in Rostov, and at the National Academy of Theatre in Moscow from 1974-78.

As director and performer he worked at the People's Marionettes Company (1978-86), as well as at the National Theatre of Marionettes in Moscow (1986-88). He also participated in films, televisions and festivals in Prague, Moscow, Budapest and Havana.

In 1988, after a previous visit to Montreal with the People's Marionettes, he decided to stay here. It was while working in a puppet store that he was first asked to perform in this country. It would be the piece performed there that would evolve into Concert, his first work for Théâtre Biscuit. Together, with his partner (and French teacher) Benôit Dubois, he would found this tiny theatre in the heart of Old Montreal.

M. Agéev has also designed puppets for the Grands Ballet Canadiens' production of Petroushka as well as acted in the Théâtre de La Veillée (Groupe [de] La Veillée, Espace de la Veillée)'s production of Crime et Châtiment/Crime and Punishment.

His works with Biscuit have toured to France, Belgium and New England and his company has moved into a slightly larger theatre, still in Old Montreal.

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