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Slade, Bernard

Playwright born in St. Catherines, Ontario, May 2, 1930 and educated in England. He returned to Canada at 18 and began to act in summer stock, including at International Players, Kingston, and particularly with the company he founded with his wife, Jill Foster, in Vineland, Ontario, the Barn Theatre.

He was a successful television writer here and in the US and had written three plays (Simon Says Gets Married, premiered at the Crest Theatre in 1960; A Very Close Family, produced at the Manitoba Theatre Centre, 1962; and Fling! produced a number of times and most recently at the Mill at Sonning Theatre in England, January, 2000) before his play, Same Time, Next Year, was picked up and became a hit on Broadway in 1975. The play went on to play internationally and was subsequently filmed. Mr. Slade also wrote a sequel to the work, Same Time, Another Year. There is also a musical version of the work, Every Time I See You.

Since, he has written Tribute (1978), Romantic Comedy (1979), Special Occasions (1982), Fatal Attraction (premiered at the St. Lawrence Centre in 1984), Return Engagement (1986), Sweet William (1987), An Act of Imagination (1987) and, more recently, Special Occasions and You Say Tomatoes (this last produced in 1998 at the Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke, England).

Though Tribute went on to relative success featuring Jack Lemon in the Broadway production and the movie, none of his plays since Same Time... has had equal success.

His memoirs, Shared Laughter, were published by Key Porter.

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