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Shuster, Frank

CTE photo
Wayne and Shuster (r)
(National Archives)

One-half of Canada's most successful comedy team, Frank Shuster was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1916 to a Jewish immigrant family; he died there January 13, 2002.

He met his cohort, Johnny Wayne, when he was 12 years old at Toronto's Harbord Collegiate, where they began to perform in reviews. From there they went to the University of Toronto and performed in the College Follies. They enlisted for service in WWII and began to perform again together soon after in the The Army Show. After the war they were active in radio and television and became the favourite performers of American TV host Ed Sullivan, appearing on his show 58 times.

CTE photo
Wayne and Shuster
(6 Apr. 1955 , Ken Bell/National Archives of Canada/PA-203477)

Alhtough they were not popular with the critics, the team was adored by audiences and performed together until Wayne's death in 1990. Frank Shuster was an Officer of the Order of Canada (1997).

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