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Dauphinais, Marcel

Quebec-based set and costume designer.

Marcel Dauphinais is a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Montreal and the École des Métiers d'Art in Paris where he later lived and worked for four years.

Like Michael Eagan, Dauphinais' designs are lush, text-based, detailed and deeply researched for class and era.

He has worked in London, New York and across Canada, designing for ballet, opera and theatre. His works have appeared at the Nouvelle Compagnie Théâtrale / Théâtre Denise-Pelletier, Piggery Theatre, Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui, Théâtre Populaire du Québec, Théâtre du Rideau Vert, and Centaur Theatre, where he has designed sixteen times for shows as various as The Leonard Cohen Show (1980), and Michel Tremblay's Albertine, en cinq temps.

He has designed many times for Compagnie Jean-Duceppe, including Le printemps Monsieur Deslaurier by René-Daniel Dubois (1987); La mort d'un commis voyageur/Death of a Salesman (1999); Noel de force by Eugene Stickland (1999-2000)); and Pourqui pas? by Norm Foster (2011-12).

Marcel Dauphinais was also the artistic director and designer for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra's Luciano Pavarotti Gala.

Profile by Gaetan Charlebois

Last updated 2020-06-08