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Saïa, Louis

CTE photo
Louis Saïa

Quebec-based playwright.

M. Saïa has co-written two of the biggest hits in Quebec theatrical history: with Claude Meunier, Appelez-moi, Stéphane (which has been constantly revived at summer theatres since its creation in 1978), and Broue.

He has also co-written Les Voisins (1979, also with Meunier, to be revived at Compagnie Jean-Duceppe, 2000/2001), Une amie d'enfance (with Louise Roy, Théâtre de la crique, 1983) and for television and film.

M. Saïa's writing is efficient and masterfully paced, laced with a raucous sense of humour and mind-bending wordplay.

Last updated 2009-07-22