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Spychalski, Teo

Quebec-based director and artistic director of Théâtre de La Veillée (Groupe [de] La Veillée, Espace de la Veillée) born and educated in Poland.

He studied theatrical literature at Nicolas Copernicus University and then worked in Jerzy Grotowski's theatre laboratory in Wroclaw from 1967-1980. He came to Montreal in 1982.

Since, he has directed several productions at La Veillée including Till L'Espiègle/Le Journal de Nijinski (1982), L'Idiot (1983), Dans le petit manoir (1985), Un Bal nommé Balzac (1986), Les Cahiers de Malte Laurids Brigge (1988), Penthésilée (1990), La Guerre (1991), Créanciers (1993) and Moi, Feuerbach (1995). More recently, January, 2002, he staged Per Olov Enquist's La nuit des tribades for the company.

M. Spichalski's productions are marked by a profound intelligence, vivid theatricality and a deep respect for the actor's art. His understated production of Moi, Feuerbach, for instance, gave plenty of space to Gabriel Arcand's harrowing portrayal of a failing actor while his more provocative reading of Strindberg's Créanciers/Creditors captured the humour of the piece without obscuring the text's misogyny.

M. Spychalski also occasionally acts.

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