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Battering Ram

Drama in two acts by David Freeman first produced at Factory Theatre Lab, Toronto, 1972, directed by Victor Sutton. It subsequently played at Tarragon Theatre in 1973 (directed by Bill Glassco), across the country, and in the United States.

Battering Ram is a disturbing play about a woman who provides a home for a man with cerebral palsy. The woman and her daughter, both sexually frustrated, attempt to find a remedy for their needs in a relationship with the young man, who in turn exploits them.

A quintessential Freeman work, it shows, like his other works (Creeps and You're Going to be Alright, Jamie Boy) a deep mistrust for "kindness" and a constant questioning of the agendas guiding certain acts of so-called charity.

Commentary by Gaetan Charlebois

Last updated 2020-03-23