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Théâtre Petit à Petit

Company in Montreal, Quebec, founded in 1978 by Claude Poissant, René Richard Cyr and Marie-France Bruyère. In 1998, Poissant assumed artistic directorship of the company and the company's name was changed to PàP, and it became an exclusively adult company.

The initially company presented an eclectic mix of new works aimed at adult and adolescent audiences. Their most famous work is probably Michel Marc Bouchard's Les Feluettes/Lilies.

They have also presented Poissant's Si tu meurt, je te tue, Roger Gaudet's À tout hasard, and Cul sec by François Archambault. In 1998 they celebrated their 20th anniversary with an omnibus work called Huit péchés capitaux , bringing together eight well-known Quebec playwrights including Michel Tremblay and Michel Marc Bouchard. In February 1999, they presented Couteau: sept façons originales de tuer quelqu'un avec... by Isabelle Hubert. In October 1999, they presented Geneviève Billette's Crime contre l'Humanité.

For the 2010/2011 season, PàP featured two plays by Larry Tremblay: Abraham Lincoln va au théâtre and Dragonfly de Chicoutimi.

Poissant and Cyr had an unbeatable track record for presenting aesthetically pleasing and arresting theatre. Their stunning production of Serge Boucher's Motel Héléne, in 1997, was unforgettable.

The current artistic directors are Julie Marie Bourgeois and Patrice Dubois. Their productions are usually at Espace Go.

Website: www.theatrepap.com

Profile by Gaetan Charlebois.

Last updated 2018-12-20