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Canadian Institute For Theatre Technology

CITT/ICTS is the Canadian association of design and production professionals in the performing arts, numbering over 500 members. CITT/ICTS is also the Canadian Centre for the International Organization of Theatre Scenographers, Technicians and Architects. It was initially an Alberta organization, that joined forces with groups in other provinces to form a national organization in 1990, and it maintains close ties with the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT).

Its mission is to actively promote the professional development of its members and work for the betterment of the Canadian live performance community.

Its purpose is to: Promote safe and ethical work practices. Organize workshops, conferences and other professional development opportunities. Encourage the development of industry standards. Advocate at the local, regional, national and international level. Disseminate information and facilitate communication. Encourage research and the publication of the results. Promote and recognize work of excellence. Encourage the membership to take an active role in fulfilling CITT/ICTS’s mission. (website)

CITT publishes a bimonthly newsletter called StageWorks and also runs an electronic communications system called CallBoard to help subscribers network with other cultural workers across North America.

Website: www.citt.org

Last updated 2020-09-01