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Gravy Bath Productions

Beginning modestly in 1999 in Montreal, Gravy Bath Productions began to assemble a core of young, passionate theatre practitioners eager to make their mark on the world. In January of 2001, following several Quebec tours, the company named Madd Harold its Artistic Director. Having toured extensively through England, Scotland, the United States and Canada, Harold brought a completely new direction to the company’s artistry. Over the next two years Gravy Bath created six productions a year in theatres across Montreal. Re-interpreting classical work, and exploring new Canadian work, the company embraced the unique style of their playwright-in-residence, Anthony Kokx. Their innovative and imaginative style of theatre won them the Montreal English Critics Circle Award for Revelation in 2001. Kokx’s stab at the Montreal theatre scribes was nominated for a 2001 Canadian Comedy Award for “Best New Play.” In 2002 Gravy Bath was awarded two Montreal English Critics Circle Awards: “Best Director” (Madd Harold), and “Best Independent Production” for Octobre. 1970.

Shortly after, they joined the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts’ Artistic Director Bryna Wasserman to create the Saidye ‘B’ Off Centre, the theatre’s second stage, dedicated to bringing innovative and imaginative work to Montreal theatre audiences. The new space was inaugurated with Anthony Kokx’s play Ugly, and then went on to produce the first New Classical Theatre Festival in the summer of 2003.

In September 2003 the company received two more Montreal English Critics Circle Awards: “Best Director” (Madd Harold), and “Best Independent Production” (Coriolanus). Kali Yuga, a four hour epic, opened in August 2004 at the Saidye ‘B’ Off Centre, and then at the Poor Alex Theatre, in September.

Gravy Bath Productions ceased operations in 2006.

Profile by Tristano Bertoldi, Critical Communications, Montreal.

Last updated 2017-01-15