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Lavigne, Francois

Born October 10, 1914, in Montreal, Quebec, he was the eldest child of Doctor "Bobby" Lavigne. After his mother's death, he and his three sisters were raised by the grandparents in an atmosphere of strict discipline and little affection. He discovered a passion for theatre as a student of Pere (Father) Emile Legault at Collge St- Laurent and went on to become a founding member of Compagnons de Saint-Laurent.

Father Emile Legault has recounted in his memoirs that what struck him most about Francois Lavigne was his unforgettable voice.

His career spanned three decades, during which he went from theatre to radio to television. He has said that of all his accomplishments, he was most proud of having been a part of Les Compagnons and of having contributed to bringing theatre to the people of Quebec.

He passed away in 1989 after a long illness.

Contribution by Francois Lavigne (fils).

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