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Neufeld, Martin

Martin Neufeld
Martin Neufeld

Quebec-based character actor, born January 1, 1953, who has appeared in over 75 plays, television programs, and films from 1980 to 2004. Martin Neufeld studied at the Dawson College School of Professional Theatre (1981-83), at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (1990-91), and with Jacques Lecoq in Paris (1991-93).

After appearing in several films in Canada, he returned to Europe to continue his studies and founded his own theatre company there. In 1993 he came back to Montreal, where he appeared in television and film in French and English, as well as in the Toronto Free Theatre production of Baal and the Centaur Theatre 1996 production of The Visitor.

In 2004, he left his acting career to engage in a spiritual quest, through travelling and dispensing free hugs. In 2006, he self-published a book about his journey called Hugging Life (Embrasser la vie). Since then, he has been an inspirational speaker and Spiritual and Holistic Life Enhancement Facilitator, based in Montreal.

Website: www.martinneufeld.com

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