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Curtain Razors

Experimental, interdisciplinary theatre organization, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, with a process-oriented, project-based orientation. Curtain Razers was founded in 1989 by Paula Costain and Michele Sereda, a multi-talented performance artist, who was the Artistic Director until her death in a car accident on February 10, 2015. Joey Tremblay was the next AD. In 2019, Curtain Razors abandoned the traditional top-down company structure to embrace a collective framework, with a group of Artistic Associates guiding its creative vision (website).

Curtain Razors has presented thirty productions, most of which are original creations, and performs in a wide variety of spaces throughout Regina. It cultivates a nomadic audience, one that is willing to follow the company from place to place. According to Sereda, “each new experience we bring to you often means creating a new audience for it because of the nature of the work. Nomadic audience-building, go seek them, go tell the interested parties" (quoted in Kathryn Bracht, “Homeless on the Range—Theatre without a Home,” Canadian Theatre Review 154 (Spring 2013). In 2010, Curtain Razors devised Cyclone Podwalk, a set of site-specific poetic and fantastic fictional podplay musings by Ken Wilson, which takes participants on a walk that follows the path of the Regina Tornado of 1912. Where The Thunderbird Lives, created by Skookum Sound System and Curtain Razors was presented in partnership with the MacKenzie Art Gallery in March 2014.

In 2008, Curtain Razors expanded its mandate to take more of a presentation role in the community by creating The Movable Feast, an annual series of innovative performance events. In 2012, the “performance” featured a group of adolescent students who dined at a dozen local restaurants, and then provided evaluations for a participatory audience.

In 2016, the company produced Joey Tremblay's Carmen Angel and in 2017, Bad Blood in a partnership with the University of Regina Theatre Department.

Curtain Razors offers outreach programs such as panel discussions, lectures, artist talks and visits to secondary schools to spread the word about innovative, creative theatre and performance.

Website: www.curtainrazors.com

Last updated 2021-09-27