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Groupe Multidisciplinaire de Montréal

Theatre company in Montreal, Quebec, founded in 1990 by Jean-Luc Denis.

The company specialized in theatrical experimentation and its productions have played with form, venue, style, text and design. Many of the productions incorporated elements of video and soundtrack. In short, it was impossible to guess, before seeing a particular production, what one was in for. For instance, the production of Hillar Liitoja's Voilà ce qui se passe à Orangeville/This is What Happens in Orangeville (1991), was an explosion of action playing around and through the audience. Boundaries between spectator and actor were broken down and the experience was as energizing as it was unnerving.

More subdued was the collective creation 1968 (1995), which, through research by the cast, revealed the various facets of this particular year in history from the rhetoric and dogma to the way people lived (even the illusions they lived with). The audience was encouraged to walk through, watch videos of the cast discussing the work (or even pornographic videos), and look at images and articles about events that year. The cast, available for questions, played board games in the centre of the space.

Among the company's other productions were Peter Handke's Gaspard and Elizabeth Bourget's Un monde nouveau.

Profile by Gaetan Charlebois.

Last updated 2020-06-15