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Little Theatre

Now virtually a generic term meaning any small, amateur or community-based theatre, at one time the country was peppered with esteemed Little Theatres composed of talented amateurs and often helmed by professionals.

Among those still operating are: Vancouver Little Theatre (founded in 1921); Cercle Molière; Ottawa Little Theatre (founded in 1913).

The creation and activities of Little Theatres were encouraged by competitions both regional and national (ie: Dominion Drama Festival). It was partly through this kind of competition that the calibre of presentations at these companies rose (and in some cases, Little Theatre companies - like Compagnons de Saint-Laurent- became full-fledged professional companies).

Little Theatres became (and continue to be) training grounds for serious professionals. Moreover, in many cases Little Theatre is the only contact some communities have with theatre.

See also: Lawrence Mason and Bernard Keeble Sandwell.

Last updated 2010-07-13