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Quebec Drama Federation

English Language Theatre in Quebec advocacy organization in Quebec founded in 1972 and now supported by government grants and membership (individuals, artists, theatre organizations). It is an outgrowth of the Quebec Drama Festival, which evolved from the Dominion Drama Festival. The organization's mandate no longer includes producing the Festival. "The Quebec Drama Federation exists to support English-language theatre companies, artists and their artistic expressions in Quebec. This support manifests itself through leadership, collaborations with partners and stakeholders in the community, promotion of the artists and companies, professional development and identification of the role of theatre in the community at large. It also provides resources and means through which success and recognition of English-language theatre companies and artists in Quebec, to the rest of Canada and on an international scale, is achieved" (website).

Services include a hotline, performance calendar, rehearsal space, resource centre and database. Past Executive Directors include Jane Needles. The current Director of Operations is Rahul Gandhi; the Director of Programming is Holly Greco.

Website: www.quebecdrama.org

Last updated 2021-08-23