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Williams, Norman

Playwright, born in 1924. His plays won the Ottawa Little Theatre prize in 1953, 1954 and 1955. The settings were variously Hollywood, the Deep South, ancient China, present-day Japan and Alexander's Macedonia.

Six of his one-act plays were published under the title, Worlds Apart (Copp Clark, 1956): “The Night of the Storm,” “The King Decides,” “The Mountain,” “A Battle of Wits,” “Dreams,” and “Protest. ” The last was also published in Curtain Rising: Seven One Act Plays (Longman Green 1958). “Don’t Touch That Phone” and “Take to the Trees” were published by Playwrights Press in 1972.

Herbert Whittaker wrote in his Preface to Worlds Apart that "his talent is not imitative...Williams' plays stand the real test of any play - which is performance... Here is a fresh and imaginative writer."

Profile by Malcolm Page

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