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Children of Kush Arising

Dynamic collective creation rap opera created in 1994 by the Black Theatre Workshop of Montreal, Quebec, and directed by Fleurette Fernando (the company's then artistic director).

Children of Kush Arising toured across the province as well as into the United States.

The work recounts the entire history of African-North Americans from their roots at the creation of the world and in Africa to the present day. Angry, sad, funny but constantly theatrical and uplifting, the piece urges young audiences (at whom it is primarily aimed) to learn, rise up, and assume their places in society.

It reminds audiences of the heroes and victims of North America-Martin Luther King, Malcolm X-and makes reference to local situations of racism.

Finally, it calls for unity among the "tribes" of North America: Haitians, Jamaicans etc., and for the end of violence.

Commentary by Gaetan Charlebois

Last updated 2020-10-30