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Lebeau, Suzanne

Suzanne Lebeau
Suzanne Lebeau

Quebec-based playwright and director who studied in education but also took courses in acting, singing, movement and acrobatics. She then studied in France and Poland, and acted in works by Moliere, Ionesco, and Stoppard.

Suzanne Lebeau co-founded Théâtre Carrousel with Gervais Gaudreault in 1975, and was co-director until 2016. She has acted and written principally with this company since then, and has toured Europe and the Americas with the group.

Lebeau has worked tirelessly to push the limits of what is considered permitted, moral and possible with young audiences. She also participated in the reading committee for children's works for the Centre des auteurs dramatiques.

Many of her plays, all of which premiered at the Théâtre Carrousel, have been translated and performed around the world, including: Ti-Jean voudrait ben s'marier ben... (1975); Petite ville deviendra grand (1979); Une lune entre deux maisons (1979, translated to English by Dorothy Jordan as A Moon Between Two Houses, also into Catalan, Spanish, Flemish and Portuguese); Les Petits pouvoirs (1982); Comment vivre avec les hommes quand on est un géant (1989); Salvador la montagne, l'enfant et la mangue (1995, translated into English by John Van Burek as Salvador [The child, The Mountain and the Mango]); L'Ogrelet (1998), which won a Masque Award in February, 2000 for best new play.

Profile by Gaetan Charlebois.

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