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O’Regan, James

James O’Regan
James O’Regan. Photo by Fred Cattroll.

Canadian actor, noted mainly for media performances, James O'Regan worked in theatre in Ottawa and Toronto in the 1970s and 80s. He was one of the first professional company of actors for the Great Canadian Theatre Company (Ottawa, 1979), and worked for Penguin Productions and the National Arts Centre. He collaborated with Don Bouzek and others, developing new performance pieces, such as Waves (1983), Fessenden Animation (1985), and with Felix Mirbt, Wild Child (1986). The latter was presented in Quebec City as part of the Quinzaine Internationale du Theatre.

In addition, he contributed articles and an ePamphlet on live and recorded performance:

"Working Image Theatre," Canadian Theatre Review, 50 (Spring 1987): 10-13.

"Anatomy of a Comedy -- Something for Nothing," Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada, Summer, Toronto, Vol.28 (2) (1993): 13.

”Industrial & Economic Profile of the Actor”, a privately published pamphlet for professional actors, Ottawa, 1997.

He has a Ph.D. (2013) and an M.A. in Theology (1978) from the University of Ottawa. His MA thesis discussed a Stanislavskian analysis of liturgy, while his dissertation How Close is God, How is God Close, developed an events-based analysis of staged live events, including theatre, media, games, as well as naturally occurring events.

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