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Théâtre les Deux Mondes

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Michel Marc Bouchard's Histoire de l'oie

Touring company in Montreal,Quebec, based in the Villeray neighbourhood. In 1996, it opened its own research and production facility that it shares with young companies known as Théâtre Aux Écuries.

Les Deux Mondes was founded in 1973 as Théâtre de la Marmaille by Daniel Meilleur, Monique Rioux and France Merille, and its first productions were aimed at young audiences. Since then, the Company has presented a wide variety of theatre to patrons of all ages and pursued an active research into theatre form.

Productions include Leitmotiv, Rosemonde, and the company's most renowned work Histoire de l'oie/The Tale of Teeka by Michel Marc Bouchard (presented, on tour, in French, Spanish, English and German).

In 1999/2000 it announced an extensive touring schedule for three productions to take in France, Switzerland, the US and Belgium. Since its inception, the Company has toured to 35 countries, 350 cities, and 80 international festivals.

In 2013, playwright Sébastien Harrisson took over as artistic director and focused more on text in new play development. Programming features two-play production cycles, with one play for young audiences and the other for the general public. Designers from different backgrounds collaborate to produce humanist poetic works.

Recent works include: In My Paper House (Dans ma maison de papier, j'ai des poèmes sur le feu) by Phillippe Dorin, translated by Shelley Tepperman (2014).

Website: https://www.lesdeuxmondes.com

Last updated 2021-12-13