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Grenier, Silvy

CTE photo
Silvy Grenier. Photo by Céline Lalonde

Quebec-based musician/composer, who has worked in theatre production for nearly forty years. Silvy Grenier believes that conceptual music is at the heart of theatre: "Avec la musique, les possibilités sont infinies, elle [musique] joue plusieurs rôles: elle peut faire office de paysage, créer un décor, dégager une ambiance, créer un lieu" (Laviedici.com, 4 March 2019).

Grenier was an early member of Ensemble Anonymous, a vocal and instrumental ensemble, founded in Quebec in 1978, which specializes in Medieval and Renaissance music; it has performed in music festivals around the world, combining theatre and music, much like medieval minstrels.

Grenier's contributions to theatre productions include: La Locandiera (Théâtre du Nouveau Monde/TNM, 1994); La Mégère Apprivoisée/Taming of the Shrew (TNM, 1995); and Jacques et son maître (Théâtre les gens d’en bas, 1996).

She has also collaborated with Omnibus (Les chats n'ont-ils pas 9 vies?; Eurydice, 1991).

She composed the music for the Théâtre du Rideau Vert revival of Michel Tremblay's Le vrai monde? (1999), and the TNM production of Dom Juan (November, 2000). More recently, in 1990, she composed music for A New World by Réjane Charpentier for the children's puppet company, Théâtre de l'oeil, reprised in 2020.

Before composing, Grenier reads the text many times, then chooses the instruments carefully, since each one has a distinct personality. The music must also complement the voices of the actors. Her work becomes virtually a narrator in the play without, at any time, overpowering the production.

Profile by Gaetan Charlebois and Anne Nothof.

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