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Paper Wheat

Seminal work emerging from the collective creation process, premiered at the 25th Street Theatre, in 1977, and subsequently played at over thirty venues to over 60,000 spectators.

The original production was prepared by director Andras Tahn and his cast of six, including Linda Griffiths and Lubomir Mykytuik. It was based on interviews with farmers and the people who worked in the Saskatchewan Wheat Board about their heroic struggle with the land, and the founding of the wheat pool as a cooperative strategy for economic and social survival.

The work was successful for several reasons: it was something new and energetic; it had a decent musical through-line; and it spoke directly to many members of its intended audience. To more urban audiences it was an interesting kind of exotica and a rousing good time as well.

The work changed shape several times, particularly under the direction of Guy Sprung, who introduced new cast members. The process and play were eventually filmed and televised.

Commentary by Gaetan Charlebois

Last updated 2021-06-15