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Theatre Replacement

A collaborative company, founded in 2003 in Vancouver by James Long and Maiko Yamamoto, who are co-artistic directors. They use extended processes to create performances from simple beginnings such as conversations, interviews and arguments, to provide theatrical experiences that are authentic, immediate and hopeful. The Company mandate is to recognize the accomplishments and failures of the world; use biographical material to magnify these events through extended collaborative processes and training programs; and reproduce the results for local, national and international audiences (Website).

Theatre Replacement collaborates with a wide range of artists in order to attract diverse audiences and challenge their relationship to performance. It participates in a global network of artists, creators, presenters and producers, and assists others in developing new works through mentorship and educational programming.

The Company’s work has been presented in 39 cities across North America and Europe, including the international festivals Festival TransAmériques, Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Free Fall Festival (Toronto), High Performance Rodeo and playRites, On the Boards (Seattle WA), Fusebox Festival (Austin TX), Noorderzon Festival (Groningen NL) PAZZ Performing Arts Festival (Oldenburg, Germany), Lokal (Reykjavik, Iceland), Dublin Theatre Festival (Ireland), Aarhus Festival (Denmark), INTERsection (Terni, Italy), Foreign Affairs (Berlin) and Soho Rep (New York).

Its productions include: Clark and I Somewhere in Connecticut, Sexual Practices of the Japanese, BIOBOXES: Artifacting Human Experience, Weetube, Dress me up in your love, The Greatest Cities in the World, and Winners and Losers (with Marcus Youssef, dir. Chris Abraham).

In Kate Bowie (2014), Kate Bush and David Bowie rent a secluded mansion in a remote part of England to work on an album together for one month. Nothing is known about the nature or the results of this collaboration. Thirty years later, a Canadian couple spends a weekend in a remote cabin in northern British Columbia with a keyboard, an electric guitar and a lot of gin, in an attempt to recreate their collaboration.

Mine, a play by and for adults and tweens was devised in 2019. A mother/son relationship is explored through the narratives of Beowulf, Bambi, and The Terminator, using Minecraft as a theatrical form. Productions in each touring location include four local young people as performers.

In 2019, Maiko Yamamoto and James Long were awarded the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre for directing.

Website: www.theatrereplacement.org

Last updated 2020-10-26