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Caron, Jean-François

 Quebec-based playwright, 1983 graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada's playwright's section.

His first play, Donut, was produced by Théâtre Il Va Sans Dire in 1986, directed by René Richard Cyr. Five juvenile delinquents plan to escape their institution on the eve of its fifth anniversary celebrations. They pull it off by feigning a group suicide pact.

J'écrirai bientôt une pièce sure les nègres was premiered at the Théâtre de Quat'Sous in 1989, directed by Claude Poissant. Complex story within a play within a play dealing with ideas on the creative process and nationalism.

His Scalpel du diable, premiered at the Théâtre la Licorne in 1991, again directed by Poissant. An adolescent in the year 2005 writes an essay on the past (instead of the one about the future her teacher demanded). The play is this essay wherein she searches for her origins and the source of her own malaise.

Aux hommes de bonne volonté was mounted at the Quat'Sous in 1993 and features the reading of the will of a street kid who has died of AIDS.

In an interview with Jeu magazine Caron said, "[Writing] was born of a need, for me. I found that we no longer dreamed for ourselves, here. Our dreams surpassed our borders and it became shameful to dream in terms other than international ones; shameful to dream of doing a show for anything other than a festival in Moscow."

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