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Imago Theatre

Montreal experimental company founded by Andrès Hausmann, Ray Tomalty, and Kelly Patterson in 1986. Imago set out to redefine its mission under directors Lowell Gasoi and then Ron Spurles. In 1999 Clare Schapiro (founder of Theatre 1774 (see Infinitheatre) became the Artistic Director. Since 2013, Micheline Chevrier has been Artistic and Executive Director.

Its current mission statement highlights the development and production of innovative theatrical works that advance the art form, challenge the public, and contribute to the artistic life of Montreal. It produces Canadian plays and supports and promotes Montreal-based artists such as Greg Kramer.

Imago has presented a varied repertory including interpretations of plays by Samuel Beckett (The Shorter Plays and Conversation), Harold Pinter (Other Plays and Pinteriana), Milan Kundera (Jacques and His Master), Heiner Müller (Quartet) and a magnificent collective creation about the invention of the atomic bomb, Incandescent (which played in both French and English). Its 2004 production of Bye Bye Baby by Elyse Gasco moved to the Centaur Theatre for the 2005-06 season. In 2010, it produced Down from Heaven, an apocalyptic play by Colleen Wagner.

Current Artistic and Executive Director, Micheline Chevrier has directed Champs de Mars: A Story of War in 2009, Thinking of Yu by Carole Fréchette, and If We Were Birds by Erin Shields. She directed productions of La corneille by Lise Vaillancourt (co-production with UniThéâtre, 2014); Random by English playwright Debbie Tudor Green (co-production with Black Theatre Workshop, 2015); and Pig Girl by Colleen Murphy at the Centaur Theatre in 2016.

website: www.imagotheatre.ca

Profile by Anne Nothof, Athabasca University

Last updated 2022-05-17