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Intrepid Theatre

Theatre company, founded in 1986 in Victoria, British Columbia to showcase alternative and experimental theatre from the community and around the world.

The annual UNO Fest, a juried international festival of one-person shows, features ten to twenty works by new and established artists and Fringe Festival favourites, and includes public workshops and local new work in development. Past festivals have included Andy Jones, dbi young.anitafrica, and Michael Healey. In May 2009, performers included Anusree Roy (Letter to My Grandmother), and Lyle Victor Albert (Jumpin Jack). In 2020, UNO Fest was produced entirely on-line, bringing a wide variety of solo works to the public when theatres were closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Intrepid also hosts the unjuried Victoria Fringe Festival at the end of August each year, part of the cross-Canada Fringe Movement.

The Intrepid Theatre season includes satirical musicals, such as War of 1812 by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, theatre for young people, performed in two venues: the Metro Studio and the Intrepid Theatre Club.

Heather Lindsay was Executive Director form 2016 to 2021. Current Managing Director is Justine Shore. Sean Guist is interim Artistic Director.

Website: www.intrepidtheatre.com

Last updated 2021-02-03