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Tremblay, Guylaine

CTE photo
Guylaine Tremblay

Quebec-based actor who graduated from the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Québec in 1984. She subsequently became a favourite at Théâtre du Trident.

She came to Montreal in 1990 to work with Robert Gravel and became a regular artistic accomplice of his until his death.

She has worked with many of the country's top directors including Robert Lepage (À propos de la mademoiselle qui pleurait), Guillermo de Andrea (La Cerisaie/The Cherry Orchard), Marie Laberge (in her Aurélie, ma soeur), François Faucher (Le Dialogue des Carmélites), Claude Poissant (Lion dans les rues/Lion in the Streets), René Richard Cyr (En pièces détachées) and Martine Beaulne (Albertine, en cinq temps). More recently she appeared in the premiere of Serge Boucher's 24 poses at Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui, directed by Cyr (November, 1999).

Mme Tremblay has also had a very successful television career, particularly as a regular in Claude Meunier's La p'tite vie, the most popular series in the history of French-language Canadian television.

Mme Tremblay's performances are marked by a magnificent voice and a vivacious approach to each role.

Last updated 2009-09-15