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La Visite des sauvages

Play in three parts by Anne Legault, premiered at Place des Arts, April 9, 1986, directed by Lorraine Pintal, with sets by Martin Ferland, costumes by François Barbeau and lights by Claude Accolas, featuring Béatrice Picard, Gilbert Turp, Hélène Mercier, Hubert Loiselle, Esther Lewis, Michel Laperrière and Normand D'Amour. Winner of the Governor General’s Award.

Two spirits, both related to the central action of the play, walk through the past of a family that has a closet loaded with skeletons.

Richard Stein, an anglophone Jew, returns to the place of his youth to be "healed" by a local medicine woman. He brings with him black memories of the relationship he shared with members of the healer's family. In a fever - during his healing process - he reveals everything and an explosion is detonated in the centre of this old-fashioned family's "comfort."

Though written in the 1980's, the play deals with many pre-Quiet Revolution taboos: mixed marriages, homosexuality, mysteries of birth.

Commentary by Gaetan Charlebois

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