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Governor Generalís Award

Popularly known as the ďGGísĒ, Governor Generalís Literary Awards worth $25,000 are given annually to the best English-language and the best French-language published play texts in Canada, submitted by eligible book publishers. Publishers of winning titles receive a $3,000 grant for the promotion of the prize-winning book. Finalists each receive $1,000.

English titles must be published and be available on the market between September 1 and 30, and may be published in Canada or abroad.

The award is for literary and artistic excellence. Peer assessment committees composed of writers, critics and/or independent book professionals, review all eligible titles.

The names of finalists are announced in mid to late October of each year, and the names of winners are announced in mid-November.

The Governor Generalís Literary Awards were founded in 1936, at the initiative of Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir and the Canadian Authors Association. A separate category in Drama was established 1981. Since 1959, the Awards have been funded and administered by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Past recipients in the English drama category include Sharon Pollock (twice) for Blood Relations (1981) and Doc (1986); John Gray for Billy Bishop Goes to War (1982); Anne Chislett for Quiet in the Land (1983); Judith Thompson (twice) for White Biting Dog (1984) and The Other Side of the Dark (1990); George F. Walker (twice) for Criminals in Love (1985) and Nothing Sacred (1988); John Krizanc for Prague (1987); Ann-Marie MacDonald for Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) (1990); Joan MacLeod for Amigo's Blue Guitar; John Mighton (twice) for Possible Worlds and A Short History of Night (1992) and Half Life (2005); Guillermo Verdecchia for Fronteras Americanas (1993); Morris Panych (twice) for The Ends of the Earth (1994) and Girl in a Goldfish Bowl (2004); Jason Sherman for Three in the Back, Two in the Head (1995); Colleen Wagner for The Monument (1996); Ian Ross for farewell (1997); Djanet Sears for Harlem Duet (1998); Michael Healey for The Drawer Boy (1999); Timothy Findley for Elizabeth Rex (2000); Kent Stetson for The Harps of God (2001); Kevin Kerr for Unity (1918) (2002); Vern Thiessen for Einsteinís Gift (2003); and John Mighton for Half Life (2005).

Canada Council web site: https://canadacouncil.ca/funding/prizes

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