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Théâtre Ubu

CTE photo
Coproduction between Théâtre Ubu and Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Frank Wedekind's Lulu, 1996, directed by Denis Marleau, with (from top) Henri Chassé, Gérard Poirier, Sylvie Drapeau

Company in Montreal, Quebec, founded in 1984 by Denis Marleau. It has become one of the most respected Companies in the country and, through presentations at the Festival d'Avignon in France, in the world.

From the start, Théâtre Ubu's productions have been characaterized by a highly evolved aesthetic and musical tone. They are stark, sensationally lit, with stylized acting. At the beginning, the Company presented collages or deconstructions of works by Jarry (Ubu cycle, 1989) or Beckett (Cantate Grise, 1990), or examine artistic movements like the Russian Futurists (Luna-Park, 1992) and Dadaism (Coeurs à gaz et autres textes dada, 1981).

Théâtre Ubu turned to the exploration of the modern repertoire with productions of Roberto Zucco by Bernard-Marie Koltès (1992), Woyzeck by George Büchner (1994), Maîtres anciens by Thomas Bernhard (1995), Le Passage de l'Indiana by Normand Chaurette (1996), Urfaust (1999) and Le Petit Köchel (also by Chaurette, 2000). The Company often co-produce its work with other theatre groups.

Since 2002, the Co-Artistic Directors are Stéphanie Jasmin and Denis Marleau.

Website: www.ubucc.ca

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