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Pasquier, Christiane

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Christiane Pasquier

Critically respected Quebec-based actor, born October 23, 1947 in Quebec City. She studied at the National Theatre School of Canada, and has subsequently taught there.

For over five decades, Christiane Pasquier has played in many important theatre productions including Roberto Zucco (directed by Denis Marleau for the Nouvelle Compagnie Théâtrale and the Festival de Théâtre des Amériques --now Festival TransAmériques -- 1992), as well as in Claude Poissant's well-received production of Marivaux's Le Prince travesti (Théâtre du Nouveau Monde/TNM, 1993) and Lorraine Pintal's all-female production of Racine's Andromaque (also at the TNM, 1994).

She was bewitching in the magnificent TNM production of Frank Wedekind's Lulu, playing the icy Lesbian Countess Geschwitz (directed by Marleau, 1996). She also appeared in the 1999 Théâtre du Rideau Vert revival of Michel Tremblay's Le vrai monde?. In 2003, she performed in Nathalie Sarraute's, Elle est la (Espace Go), and in 2008, in Normand Chaurette's La Mort en attente (Espace Go).

A favourite of director Denis Marleau, Pasquier has acted in many of his productions, most recently in Les femmes savantes (2009-2010), Une fête pour Boris (2012), and Soifs Matérieux (2019). In 2019, she performed in Disparu.e.s (dir. René Richard Cyr (Théâtre Jean Duceppe).

She has also directed, notably Molière's Les femmes savantes at Théâtre du Trident in 1998, and the same play at TNM in 2012.

As is the case with most Quebec actors, Pasquier has performed extensively on television and in film.

Profile by Gaetan Charlebois.

Last updated 2021-07-21