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Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards (Sterling Awards)

Edmonton, Alberta, awards created in 1987 by the Performing Arts Publicists Association (PAPA), led by Dave Jackson, to honour professional theatre in the city. They are named for Alberta theatre activist Elizabeth Sterling Haynes.

Until 1993 the Awards were given by a committee of PAPA members, but were retooled to create juries of theatre practitioners, playwrights, and scholars from the community.

Productions considered must be professional (although there is a category which covers the Edmonton Fringe Festival). There are two juries: one for mainstage productions and Theatre for Young Audiences (awards for production of a play, production of a musical, independent production, new play, lead and supporting male actor, lead and supporting female actor, director, set, lighting, costume, score, musical direction, choreography, achievement in production for production managers, stage managers etc., production for young audiences, artistic achievement for young audiences); and one for the Fringe (outstanding production, new work, performance, director). The Committee also occasionally awards a Special Achievement prize.

In 2019, the Awards for acting were changed to gender neutral categories.

Winners have included productions by: Citadel Theatre, Theatre Network, Phoenix Theatre, Workshop West Theatre, Northern Light Theatre; actors Susan Wright, Tantoo Cardinal, Martha Henry, Coralie Cairns, Ronnie Burkett, Chris Craddock, Christina Poddubiuk, Greg Nelson, John Ullyatt, Fiona Reid, John Wright, Stephen Ouimette, Marianne Copithorne, Diana LeBlanc, James DeFelice, and Martha Henry; playwrights Frank Moher, Stewart Lemoine, Raymond Storey, David Belke; directors Robin Phillips, Ron Jenkins, Morris Ertman and Bradley Moss; sound designer Darrin Hagen; set and costume designers David Boechler, Bretta Gerecke and Leona Brausen.

Website: www.sterlingawards.com

Last updated 2019-10-10